Maritex introduces new solution for Industry 4.0 applications

ORing Industrial Networking and Maritex – authorized distributor in Poland, introduce a new product for Industry 4.0 applications which is going to be a turning point in IIoT M2M communications area.

IGMG-P83244GC+-D4G is an Industrial Gateway, a combination of advanced hardware and software, which allowed to prepare an innovative solution to match the hardest requirements. The device combines the features of industrial switch, IIoT gateway and allows to configure SCADA systems.

Taiwanese company Oring developed a comprehensive hardware features using an integrated 8-port Gigabit Ethernet switch (4 RJ45 + 4 Combo RJ45/SFP). In addition, the device comes with 2 serial ports which support RS-232/422/485 and RS-422/485 communication standards. All inputs support Modbus TCP/RTU protocols to connect with Ethernet network and external devices.

Thanks to the Oring’s Open Gateway protocol converter, implementation of the IIoT solutions is easier than ever. Combining a variety of end devices, with a different communication standards, to various platforms has never been easier. The Open Gateway features a very intuitive and user friendly interface which is a great solution to connect the devices using Modbus and the MQTT/CoAP/LWM2M.

The device has an embedded and freeware Node-red software, which can be activated using an IGMG-P83244GC+-D4G internet platform. An editor based on web interface allows an easy data flows programming with a wide range of nodes, with a fast SCADA interface prototyping at the same time.

IGMG-P83244GC+-D4G supports Ignition and Ignition Edge – a software created by Inductive Automation company. Depending on the needs – the application can be easily chosen and activated by the user from the gateway web interface. The device also supports a PostrgeSQL database, which is connected to the Ignition software by default. The users do not have to worry about installation and configuration, the gateway is ready to use after unboxing.

Both Ignition versions work in trial mode by default, which means, that a new user can easily learn how to use the software and test it before implementation in the real life application. Looking at the picture below, you can find an example of how the IGMG-P83244GC+-D4G can be used combined with the cloud platform and end devices.

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