Teltonika routers in Maritex offer


Maritex is proud to announce that we are now a partner of Teltonika and add all the industrial routers made by them to our offer. Teltonika is a Lithuanian manufacturer who has more than 20 years of experience in industrial communication industry and has already deployed over 8.6 million devices. This producer has 3 main series of products:

RUT Series

In this series, we can find routers with embedded 3G/4G LTE modems and without any embedded GSM modem. Depending on the model, the devices have 2 or 4 10/100Mb RJ45 ports, there is also an option without any ports which is dedicated to the automotive industry – it certainly has E-mark certificate. In addition, all of the devices support VPN, 1 or 2 SIM slots, Wi-Fi b/g/n, operating temperature from -40 to +75 C and 9-30 VDC power supply.

RUT230 RUT850 RUT955

RUTX Series

This is a new series in the producers offer. It currently consists of 2 devices – RUTX08 and RUTX09. The main features of those products are Gigabit Ethernet ports and very wide 9-50 VDC power supply range. There will be 2 more devices added to this series and released to the market later this year – RUTX10 and RUTX11 – which will support, among others, ac Wi-Fi standard.


TRB series

Ultra-small, lightweight and energy efficient routers/IoT gateways. They come as bare PCB (no housing) with embedded LTE modems. Depending on the model, they support Gigabit Ethernet port, RS-232 or RS-485. All the devices are also equipped with USB port, operate in -40 to +75 C temperature and are supplied with 9-30 VDC power range.

TRB140 TRB142 TRB145

All of the above introduced products are being deployed together with power supplies and antennas in the box. Below, you can find a table which helps to compare all the main features of described products:

Moreover, all Teltonika’s routers come with RutOS software inside. It is very intuitive web interface which makes the configuration and maintenance much easier. You can find main RutOS features below:

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