The Ledsconn LED connectors

The Ledsconn LED connectors have been introduced in Maritex’s offer. These products can be successfully used in many applications using LEDs.

The offer includes connectors for connections:


Connectors for applications in applications using PCB-PCB type LEDs

  • Connecting method: PCB-PCB
  • carrying 1A
  • Voltage 150V
  • Connection type: removable



Connectors for applications in applications using LED-cord-type LEDs

  • Connecting method: PCB cable
  • Load: 2A
  • Voltage 275V



Connectors for wiring in wire-to-wire applications

  • Connection method: wire-wire
  • Load: 5A
  • Voltage 250V


We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer, it is possible to receive free samples, after prior arrangements, the ability to hold stock.

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