WM-RK900-21 infrared thermal imaging temperature detection system

Maritex would like to inform you about adding to our offer new product – infrared thermal imaging temperature detection system WM-RK900-21 .

WM-RK900-21 infrared thermal imaging temperature detection system can measure human body in 3-10 meters with high resolution and autofocus. It has high precision better than 0.2°C and can display the real-time human body temperature. For human body with temperature higher than the setting value, real-time alarm can be given. WM-RK900-21 is suitable for human body temperature monitoring in public places of airports, railway stations, subways, hospitals, schools etc. and for rapid temperature screening of fevers.


  • Multi-targets detection
  • Real-time human body temperature display
  • Sound alarm for fever detection
  • Automatic capture and storage
  • Rapid measurement
  • Non contact measurement
  • High-precision, easy installation
  • Provide SDK development package for secondary development


  • Airport
  • Railway station
  • Bus station
  • Market
  • Gym
  • Entertainment place  Gymnasium
  • School
  • Hospital


Accuracy ±0.2 °C
Thermal sensitivity 0.05°C
Temperature Range 30°C to 45 °C
Measurement distance 3 to 10m
Measurement correction Black body automatic correction
Thermal camera solution 384×288
Detector pixel spacing 0.99mrad
Infrared imaging distance 150m
Lens focal length 15mm
Power 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Measurement time 1s


Item Number Remark
Infrared thermal imager 1
Black body device 1
Tripod 2
Connectior and cable 2 with USB cable to computer

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