• Discontinuance of FIGARO TGS816, TGS821, TGS823, TGS826

    Maritex, authorized FIGARO Engineering Inc. distributor would like to regrettably inform you of discontinuance of all TGSS8xx-series gas sensors in ceramic base package (TGS816,...

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  • AI-Thinker Technology ESP32-C3 Wi-Fi modules

    Shenzhen AI-Thinker Technology is a leader supplier of a cost-effective inteligent wireless products with a built-in microcontroller units and interfaces. The company’s area of...

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  • Electric double layer capacitors of Samwha Electric

    At a time where renewable energy is a priority in many industries. The importance of energy storage devices is growing steadily. Electric double layer capacitors of Samwha...

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  • Battery and card holders

    An indispensable element of many electronic devices is its battery. Maritex offers many holders for lithium batteries (diameters such as: 20-24mm) and for standard AA and AAA...

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  • Components from BYD Semiconductor in Maritex’s offer

    BYD Semiconductor Co. Ltd. manufactures and distributes semiconductor products. The Company produces integrated circuits, insulated gate bipolar transistor modules, light...

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  • DUPS20/40 Series: 20A/40A DIN Rail Type Uninterruptible DC-UPS Module

    MEAN WELL's uninterruptible DC-UPS module DR-UPS40 has been on the market for 15 years. In order to provide more cost-effective DC backup solutions, MEAN WELL has launched a...

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