• Maritex on Evertiq Expo Warsaw

    Maritex team cordially invites you to join us on Evertiq Expo Warsaw - International Exhibition & Convention Centre - October 28, 2021 WARSAW.

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  • New Avalue 10.1” medical tablet

    Maritex and Avalue are introducing a new medical tablet, the CAXA0 Semi Rugged Tablet. This model has a lot of applications starting from healthcare, through warehouse managment...

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  • 2.7V - Hy-Cap NEO VET Series

    Hy-Cap NEO VET Supercapacitors are now available, and they are optimized for wider temperature environments. Supercapacitors are a sustainable solution for provision of...

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  • SGAS06/60 Series -6W & 60W Small Size, Wall Mounted Adaptor

    After the launch of SGAS15 series, MEAN WELL continues to unveil the SGAS06 and SGAS60 series to the market. They are wall mounted type portable green adaptors (Level VI) with...

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  • NPI-19 Pressure Sensor with I2C Output

    Maritex wants to inform you about new pressure sensors from Amphenol Advanced Sensors. The NovaSensor NPI-19 Digital I2C Pressure Sensor is a member of the NovaSensor NPI...

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  • Customized DC-LINK capacitors for SIC-POWER semiconductors

    WIMA low-inductance (LI) DC-Link capacitors are characterized by a flat, space-saving design with particularly low self-inductance. In addition to general applications, they are...

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