• NTN-5K Series: 5KW Off-Grid Industrial Grade 2-in-1 Charging Inverter

    This series is an all-in-one unit that integrates AC-DC charging, DC-AC inversion, and AC bypass. It also supports external solar panels and MPPT chargers.

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  • DALINE-10 ‒ Miniature Dark Light sophistication

    The LEDiL indoor portfolio offer a wide selection of Dark Light solutions with exceptional eye comfort and captivating aesthetics. This collection include highly acclaimed DAISY...

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  • New 30-degree 3528 LEDs

    Maritex introduces new light-emitting diodes in PLCC2 3528 housings, manufactured by BNDLIGHT, designed for specialized applications using a narrower viewing angle. These LEDs...

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  • DIN Rail Terminals from Pokój and Degson

    We are pleased to announce that our product range has been expanded to include high-quality DIN rail terminals from renowned manufacturers Pokój and Degson. These innovative...

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  • DIN Rail Distribution Blocks - Components for Automation

    We are pleased to announce the expansion of our product range with new components for building automation: high-quality distribution blocks from the renowned manufacturers SIMET...

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  • NGE100 (U) Series: 100W Universal 4-Port USB GaN Fast Charger

    In response to the proliferation of electronic waste due to various electronic devices and their non-standardized chargers, the European Union officially legislated on November...

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