• ERP-200 Series 200W Rain-proof Constant Voltage Output Power Supply

    ERP-200 series is an economic type rain-proof power supply which fully meets the demands of low output power for architecture lighting. ERP-200 series adopts the half-potted...

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  • Maritex introduces new solution for Industry 4.0 applications

    ORing Industrial Networking and Maritex – authorized distributor in Poland, introduce a new product for Industry 4.0 applications which is going to be a turning point in IIoT...

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  • The Ledsconn LED connectors

    The Ledsconn LED connectors have been introduced in Maritex's offer. These products can be successfully used in many applications using LEDs.

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  • Piezoelectric ceramic elements

    Maritex would like to inform you about adding to our offer new product group - piezoelectric elements and transducers.

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  • Dell Rugged Devices in Maritex offer

    We want to announce that, to our offer for mobile devices has joined Dell notebooks and tablet in the Rugged and Rugged Extreme class.

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  • Industrial plastic and glass keyboards in Maritex portfolio

    We want to announce that Maritex industrial keyboards offer has widened with plastic and glass solutions.

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