• Installation terminal block for DIN rail from WAGO

    Maritex is expanding offer with additional products from manufacturer WAGO. We can offer installation terminal blocks for DIN rail from 2000 to 2016 series and accessories. They...

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  • GD32VW553 RISC-V core Wi-Fi 6 MCU

    The GD32VW553 series MCU supports Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth LE 5.2 wireless connectivity. It features advanced Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFIC), enhanced security...

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  • Multi-plugable connectors from WAGO series 733 and 744

    Maritex introduces to offer new terminal blocks from manufacturer WAGO from 733 and 744 series. Those multi-plugable connectors can be used to every type of wires. Thanks to...

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  • WM-WS3055 Mini UAV ultrasonic anemometer

    Maritex would like to inform you that a new WM-WS3055 wind sensor has been added to our offer.

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  • Accessories for splicing connectors from WAGO series 221-2411

    Maritex introduces to offer a new type of pass-through installation connector from WAGO manufacturer, along with assembly accessories. It gives better possibilities to create...

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  • VFD Series Industrial Brushless DC Motor Controller and Driver

    VFD Series: 150W - 750W Industrial Brushless DC Motor Controller and Driver. This series includes eight models, covering both DC and AC input voltages, as well as two types of...

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