Passive components

Passive components are the electrical components which do not generate the electricity. According to the basic share-out we divide them into resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers - characterized by the fact that only uptake electricity. Ragarding to resistors, this energy is converted into heat, in case of capacitors, energy is stored in the electric field, and in the example of coils, energy is stored in the magnetic field around the coil.

In the MARITEX standard offer we can distinguish an extended version of this share-out:
- Fuses (PTC, ceramic,glass fuse),
- Inductors (coils 0402, coils 0603, coils 0805, coils 1206, SMD inductors, Shielded power inductors [Series DR - Cooper Bussmann and CSN - Frontier], radial inductors, toroidal chokes, axial ferrite cores, chip beads, tiles ferrite, ferrites EMI SMD),
- Capacitors (ceramic THT, SMD ceramic, electrolytic capacitors SMD, radial electrolytic capacitors, polyester capacitors [MKT and MKS], tantalum capacitors, supercapacitors and trimmers)
- Potentiometers (mounting and multiturn)
- Resistors (SMD resistors 0402, SMD resistors 0603, SMD resistors, 0805 SMD resistors, 1206, carbon resistors with Leaded dimensions: O2.5 x 6.8mm x 3.5mm and O1.85, resistors, and THT metal ladder resistive),
- Resonators and filters (SMD quartz crystals, SMD quartz crystals in case 3,2mmx2,5mm, SMD quartz crystals in case: 5,0mmx3,2mm, SMD quartz watch, quartz glass SMD quartz crystals THT (case HC49S, HC49U) , SAW resonators, SAW filters, crystal oscillators, TCXO, ceramic resonators),
- NTC thermistors (SMD NTC thermistors and THT NTC thermistors)
- Varistors (Varistors SMD and THT).

In the field of passive components MARITEX is the official distributor of many world-class companies: ie. Cooper Bussmann (Eaton), Samsung, Samwha, Way-on, Prosperity Dielectrics, SJK, TXC, Faratronic, Fenghua and others.
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