Costs of delivery

Flat-rate transport costs are added to the invoice and in the case of parcels (1 packaging) up to 30 kg in the territory of Poland amount to PLN 9.99 net (PLN 12.29 gross) or PLN 11.90 net (PLN 14.67 gross) for COD parcels – the charge includes the cost of collection and insurance of the parcel.

At special request, commodity may be sent by the intermediary of other courier companies. In such a case, costs of delivery are not included in the invoice and it is the customer who pays the courier company.

MARITEX sends commodities within the territory of the European Union by intermediary of the UPS courier company. The flat-rate dispatch cost in the territory of the entire European Union amounts, for parcels up to 10 kg, to 14.90 EUR. At Customer’s request, it is possible to send commodities by intermediary of a different courier company. Costs of delivery of such a parcel are not added to the invoice and are incurred by the Customer.

The cost of dispatch of heavier parcels or parcels with non-standard dimensions, as well as outside the EU, must be agreed with the Sales Department. Deliveries outside the European Union require additional arrangements concerning the shipping form.

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