Complaint procedure:
1. Complaints related to the provision of Electronic Services by the Service Provider and other complaints related to the operation of the Online Store (with the exclusion of the Product complaint procedure, which is specified in point 6 of the Regulations) may be submitted by the Client in the following manners:
•in writing, at the following address: ul. Rdestowa 53D, 81-577 Gdynia;
•via e-mail using electronic mail at:
•via online form available on the client’s account, after logging in:

2. In the complaint, the client should include the following information: (1) information and circumstances regarding the subject of the complaint, and particularly the type and date of occurrence of inconsistencies; (2) Client’s claims; and (3) contact data of the client in complaint – this will facilitate and speed up the complaint processing procedure. The requirements specified in the preceding sentence shall be construed as guidelines, without effect on the complaints submitted against the recommended complaint description.

3. At platform is available online dispute resolution between consumers and businesses at EU level (ODR platform). The ODR platform is interactive and multi-lingual website with stop-shop for consumers and businesses seeking to out of court settlement of the dispute concerning contractual obligations resulting from an online speech sale or contract for the provision of services.

4. The Service Provider shall promptly reply to the complaint, within 14 calendar days after its submission at the latest.

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