Inductors / Ferrites

Inductive components (mainly coils, chokes and ferrites) are primarily used in the circuits, properties of which depend on the frequency. They are mainly formed as a certain number of copper wire turns, wound on the magnetic core or without a core. There are many different types of such components produced in the world, in a wide range of inductance - from a few nH to tens of H. There can be found the following induction In the MARITEX offer: 0402 coils, 0603 coils, 0805 coils, 1206 coils, SMD inductors, power choke inductors, SMD [Series DR - Cooper Bussmann and CSN - Frontier], chokes radial toroidal chokes, inductors axial ferrite cores, ferrite beads, ferrite tiles, ferrite EMI SMD).
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