A2L Refrigerant Gas Sensor Module FCM2630

Maritex would like to present sensors and modules for detection of A2L refrigerant gases with low GWP (Global Warming Potential). Below modules have fully compliance with IEC60355-2-40 Edition 6.0.

FCM2630 is a factory pre-calibrated gas sensor module for the detection of the A2L refrigerant R32, using the Figaro TGS2630 gas sensor which has high sensitivity to various refrigerants. The TGS2630 is a semiconductor type gas sensor with an inherent resistance to mechanical shock and vibration. Its proprietary built-in filter effectively reduces the influence of alcohol and other interference gases, making it less prone to false alarms. The built-in temperature compensation circuit of the FCM2630 module reduces the influence of ambient temperature fluctuations, ensuring its reliable operation.

FCM2630 is an embedded type gas sensor module for the detection of A2L refrigerants with two variants to choose from.

FCM2630-C01 – is a simple and cost-effective model with analog outputs that are to be connected to an external voltage comparator for generating alarm output.

FCM2630-E00 – is an advanced functionality model with monitor signal, and malfunction signal in digital output format in addition to alarm signal output.

Besides the fact that FCM2630 are calibrated using R-32 they can also detect other refrigerant gasses from groups A2L and A3. TGS2630 which is used in FCM2630 can detect R-32, R-1234yf, R123ze(E), R-454B and more.

For high volume production, FIGARO offers customized FCM2630 modules calibrated for refrigerants different than R-32.
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