Customized DC-LINK capacitors for SIC-POWER semiconductors

WIMA low-inductance (LI) DC-Link capacitors are characterized by a flat, space-saving design with particularly low self-inductance. In addition to general applications, they are particularly suitable for applications in combination with silicon-based SiC power semiconductors.


  • The LI configuration with flat, space-saving design is available for all types and contact configurations
  • Existing capacitor designs can easily be substituted with LI capacitors
  • The LI design has no restrictions regarding the energy density per volume compared to previous DC-Link configurations
  • The WIMA Single Side Cooling (SSC) achieves ideal heat dissipation with one-sided (water) cooling systems
  • The LI design is available in 2- and 3-voltage level configuration.


  • Low leakage inductance of < 10nH in almost any capacitor configuration
  • Significant resonance point shift in high frequency ranges compared to conventional designs
  • Optional: ESR-optimized design and application temperatures up to +125°C on request.

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