Discontinuance of FIGARO TGS816, TGS821, TGS823, TGS826

Maritex, authorized FIGARO Engineering Inc. distributor would like to regrettably inform you of discontinuance of all TGSS8xx-series gas sensors in ceramic base package (TGS816, TGS821, TGS823, TGS826).
Below sensors have been supplied to the global market for nearly 40 years. However, due to deterioration of the old production equipment, FIGARO decided to discontinue their future production.

Please refer to the table below for the products to be discontinued and their alternative models.

Discontinued modelAlternative modelsCompatibility
ShapePinoutDriving conditions
TGS816 TGS2610- for the detection of LP gasNoNoYes**
TGS2611- for the detection of methaneNoNoYes**
TGS2612- for the detection of LP gas and methaneNoNoYes**
TGS813- with the same sensitivity characteristicsNoYesYes
TGS821 TGS2616* – high   sensitivity and selectivityNoNoYes**
TGS823 TGS2620 power, compactNoNoYes**
TGS822- with the sane sensitivity characteristicsNoYesYes
TGS826 TGS2602- air contaminants, odorous gassesNoNoYes**
TGS2650* – high sensitivity and selectivityNoNoNo
FECS44- electrochemical-typeNoNoNo

* – Under development. Evaluation samples: Q2 2022. Production: 2023.
** – Please refer to the Product Information for more details.

The deadline for final order acceptance for discontinued models will be December 31st, 2022.
Deadline for final delivery is expected to be around December 2023.
FIGARO and Maritex apologize for any inconveniences that you may suffer due to this situation.

In case of technical questions feel free to contact us by phone: +48 58 662 05 79 or e-mail: sensor@maritex.com.pl

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