ECO Sensors ozone detectors

ECO SENSORS is a newest supplier in Maritex offer. It is an American company, closely related to SPEC-SENSORS who is already well known in European market. ECO Sensors is a manufacturer of high quality ozone detectors and monitors. Products offered by ECO Sensors are focused on personal and industrial protection of workers who can be exposed to dangerous levels of ozone.

ECO SENSORS offers a wide selection of products: small size battery operable personal monitors, stationary detectors for continuous operation with advanced functionalities like direct control of ozone generators. The most advanced solutions from ECO SENSORS are a high quality UV Ozone analyzers guarantying a superb accuracy in range from ppb up to 999 ppm (depending on a model).

Example solutions:

EcoZone Ozone Monitor EZ-1X

  • Continuous monitoring of a workplace
  • Simple and legible readings thanks to color bargraph display
  • Measuring range: 0.02 – 0.14ppm
  • Internal NiMH battery allows 8 hour operation without need of recharge

Dissolved Ozone Sensor DO3

  • Measure ozone dissolved in water
  • Effective, yet simple solution to check presence of ozone in water sample, recommended for customers who don’t need high accuracy
  • Accuracy: min. 20%
  • Digital display
  • Measuring range: 0.00 – 2.00 mg/L
  • Battery type: CR2450
  • Reading based on Henry’s Law

UV-100 Ozone Analyzer

  • Measuring O3 level in air with UV absorption method
  • measuring range: 0.01 – 999ppm
  • Accuracy: 2%
  • Built-in datalogger
  • Digital display
  • Output signal: 0-2.5V, 4-20mA, RS-232

If you are looking for a simpler or more cost effective solution, please check our ozone cells made by SPEC-SENSORS.

We can offer 4 variants:

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