FIGARO TGS2610, TGS2611, TGS2612 - new specification

Maritex would like to announce specification change of TGS2612 sensors for detection of Methane and LPG and also plans to change the specification of TGS2610-D00 and TGS2611-E00 (only version with filter).
By this improvement, FIGARO expects that variation in performance of gas detectors manufactured by using the recommended RL by sensor ID will be smaller than before, resulting in better accuracy of detectors.

Changes in specification:

TGS2612-D00 Current New
Rs(5000 ppm CH4) 0.68kΩ ~ 6.8kΩ 1.2kΩ ~ 12kΩ
Rs(9000ppm)/Rs(3000ppm) 0.50 ~ 0.65 0.47 ~ 0.60

TGS2612 sensors with new specification have production lot number higher than 824T and are already available from our stock. .

We are expecting similar specification changes for TGS2610-D00 and TGS2611-E00 within 1 or 2 months.
Planned changes:

TGS2610-D00 Current New
Rs(1800 ppm iso-butane) 0.68kΩ ~ 6.8kΩ 1.2kΩ ~ 12kΩ
Rs(3000ppm)/Rs(1000ppm) 0.50 ~ 0.62 0.37 ~ 0.60

TGS2611-E00 Current New
Rs(5000 ppm CH4) 0.68kΩ ~ 6.8kΩ 0.83kΩ ~ 8.3kΩ
Rs(9000ppm)/Rs(3000ppm) 0.54 ~ 0.66 0.52 ~ 0.65

Currently, there are no plans to modify the TGS2610-C00 or TGS2611-C00 sensors.

New documentation:
FIGARO TGS2610-D00 Product Information
FIGARO TGS2611-E00 Product Information
FIGARO TGS2612-D00 Product Information

FIGARO TGS2610-D00 Application Note
FIGARO TGS2611-E00 Application Note
FIGARO TGS2612-D00 Application Note

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