HIFU - piezoelectric elements

Maritex extends the offer of the piezoelectric ceramic elements. We can offer HIFU type transducers. Due to the concave surface of the ceramic plate, the advantage of this type of elements is the creation of a a focused sound field. In this way, the transducer achieves high ultrasound intensity. These parameters allow the use of HIFU-type piezoelements to destroy tissues, fat, etc.

Key Features:

  • Good Stable & High Sensitivity
  • All dimensional & Accurate measurement
  • Low Heat & High Consistency of Frequency and static capacitance
  • High Vibration Efficiency

  • Ultrasonic detect
  • Eliminate thrombus
  • Ultrasonic press sensor
  • and more other application

Standard Specification:

Remark: We can design and custom various size Piezoelectric Ceramic Ball/ Hemisphere as required.

Ball Piezoelectric Ceramic:
  • Outside diameter:12mm—100mm
  • Thickness range:0.3mm—6mm

Hemisphere Piezoelectric Ceramic:
  • Outside diameter:10mm—160mm
  • Thickness range:0.6mm—6mm

Piezoelectric Materials:

In case of technical questions feel free to contact us by phone: +48 58 662 05 79 or e-mail: sensor@maritex.com.pl

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