Maritex expands portfolio with reed switches and sensors

Maritex would like to inform you about expanding our portfolio with reed switches and reed sensors from Reed Relays and Electronics India Limited.

What is a Reed Switch?

The basic reed switch consists of two flattened ferro-magnetic reed blades, hermetically sealed in a dry inert-gas atmosphere within a glass capsule, thereby protecting the contact from contamination. The reeds are sealed in the capsule in cantilever form so that their free ends overlap and are separated by a small air gap. The reed blades of reed switches can be design to overlap at the center of the glass tube or off-set from the center of the glass tube, to offer better single blade flexibility.

What is a Reed Sensor?

A reed sensor is a device built using a reed switch that incorporates additional functionality, for example, the ability to withstand higher shock or vibration, molded packages with in-built magnets for form B or E type operation, easier mounting for automatic pick and place before SMD reflow, additional intelligent circuitry, etc.

Reed Switch and Reed Sensor Applications

Reed switches, Reed Sensors, and Magnet Sensors find applications in vast areas, from simple position sensing in doors, to more complicated ones used in the military, to more sophisticated cellular phone radio frequency (RF) switching electronics and in the medical industry. The basic Reed Switch, Reed Sensor or Magnet Sensor is actuated in five different ways. Simple end Position Sensing, Multiple Pulse counting, Electromagnetic Coil sensing, Thermal Ferrite Sensing, and magnet biased reverse polarity applications. More information about these types are listed under Applications Overview. Although every field cannot be listed here, we have broadly classified the them into various fields such as in the Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile Electronics, Domestic and White Goods, Medical, Automotive, Home Security, Industrial Automation and in Toys.

Types of Applications

  • Internet of Things
  • Digital and Mobile Electronics
  • Domestic and White Goods
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Building construction and Security
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Marine and Weather

Below we show you a wide range of reed switches and reed sensors:

Miniature Reed Switches

Our Miniature magnetic Reed Switches are specially designed for switching low and medium loads without sacrificing on size, are highly configurable with respect to differential, and our standard size reed switches are tailor made for switching Inductive loads, Capacitive loads, or lamp loads in addition to direct line voltage switching. We also offer contact protection circuits to extend durability and reliability.

Standard Size Reed Switches

Standard size Reed Switches are classified by type of load switching. The contact is sputtered with a special dual layer of Ruthenium to ensure long life when switching high wattage, inductive or capacitive loads. For environmental reasons, the leads are plated with pure Tin, which is Lead-free.

SMD and PCB Mountable Reed Sensors

We offer a range of SMD Reed Sensors, and PCB Mountable Reed Sensors in Normally Open, Normally Closed, and Latching forms. SMD Reed Sensors are supplied in tapes conforming to IEC 60286-3 standards, for automatic pick and place, and can be used in assemblies where all the components are SMD. The PCB Mountable Reed Sensors, which are Omni-polar, come in a range of sizes and mounting pitches, capable of switching the lowest of 1W loads, up to 30 W. In addition, molded PCB mountable reed sensors with an integrated resistor are available. The integrated resistor can be used for building Level Sensors, for Contact Protection, or for any custom applications.

Normally Open SMD Reed Sensors

Normally Open type SMD reed sensors are Omni-polar devices that actuate with either pole of magnet. These sensors are supplied in tapes conforming to IEC 60286-3 standards, for automatic pick and place. For environmental reasons, the leads are plated with pure Tin, which is Lead-free. Our SMD Reed Sensors comprise of our R5 and R4 Ultra-miniature devices, which have a very tiny PCB pad layout, and can be perform well in switching low level loads, in Mobile devices and IOT applications. Our R3 and R2 and more robust devices which switch 10W loads and withstand higher shock and vibration in automotive and white goods applications.

The above information presents only a partial offer of reed sensors. We can also provide you with personalized products tailored to the project.

We also have:

Magnet Sensors

  • Cylindrical Magnet Sensors Sensors
  • Threaded Magnet Sensors
  • Flat Pack Magnet Sensors
  • Cylindrical and Rectangular Magnets

Other Sensors

  • Float Switches
  • Thermal Reed SwitchesFerro
  • Magnetic Metal Detection Sensors

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