New LEDIL - EMERALD optics, for emergency lighting

LEDIL – the leading manufacturer of optics for LEDs introduces a novelty to the offer, a new optics from the EMERALD family, dedicated for emergency lighting.

There are available three new series with different beams: ER1, ER2, AP1, which are dedicated for escape routes lighting and emergency lighting with plastic medium power LEDs in 5050 casing.

Beam ER1 is intended for mounting at a height of 2 to 5 meters, ER2 is dedicated even for greater heights. AP1 beam optics is the first lens dedicated only for emergency lighting. It provides highly efficient and uniform light.

EMERALD lenses meet the EN1838 standards for emergency lighting. Meeting the standards it is easier, because of bigger distance between the luminaires than in standard solutions of this type.

Below is a table of distances between luminaires

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