New medical computers in the Maritex offer

Avalue Technology now provides built-in hot-swap battery with HID-2334, and high-end DIN-standard medical diagnostic images with HID-2232/HID-2432. Both models are compliant with UL-60601-1 medical standard and their antibacterial outer shell effectively reduces risk of infection. Their full flat front panel is IP65 water- and dust-resistant, which provides greater ease of cleaning and maintenance, and can be cleansed and disinfected with alcohol. Furthermore, healthcare personnel are able to operate the touch screen wearing gloves, preventing the spread of infection by contact. Both models are suitable for use in any medical environment, including operating room, intensive care unit, examination room and preoperative preparation room.

The Avalue HID-2232 (22-inch) and HID-2432 (24-inch) are especially designed to meet the stringent requirements of medical diagnostic imaging. Compliant with DICOM and DIN 6868-157 standards, both sizes of the medical PC can be used for examining various medical images, including X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, angiography and CT scan, providing accurate DICOM grayscale standard display and images of highest clarity. Both HID-2232 and HID-2432 also provide 5KV insulation LAN/COM/USB ports for unique leakage protection.

HID-2334 medical full-flat touchscreen PC has built-in hot-swap battery and an optional four-slot battery charger, enabling all-day operation with battery swapping, facilitating various mobile medical applications. Using Intel® Kaby Lake i5 processor for convenience and high performance, the entire PC is lightweight and thin, effectively reducing the weight of traditional nursing cart. The night reading light below the PC is ergonomic and does not disturb patients while providing healthcare personnel with the required lighting for reading. Its function is also expandable with optional devices, such as barcode scanner. HID-2334 medical full-flat touchscreen PC lightens healthcare personnel’s burden, increases work efficiency and reduces data error, allowing healthcare personnel to focus more on taking care of patients and strengthening their relationship with patients.

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