New PLCC6 RGB LED from Honglitronic

Maritex introduces to its offer new low-cost RGB light-emitting diode: LEDP6-RGB120-1-H LED (Honglitronic part number: HL-AF-5060H271BU46FU79GC-S1-THL). This LED is already available from stock.

The significant advantage of LEDP6-RGB120-1-H is very good price / brightness ratio. The luminous intensity of the green chip (515 nm – 525 nm) is min. 1000 mcd for 20 mA current, red (617 nm – 627 nm) min. 350 mcd / 20 mA, blue (464 nm – 474 nm) min. 210 mcd / 20 mA.
LEDP6-RGB120-1-H’s maximum operating current is 30 mA / chip. This LED is “packed” in the PLCC6 family standard housing: 5050, in which each color has a separate cathode and anode.

In addition, LEDP6-RGB120-1-H has a beam angle of 120°, operating temperature from -40°C to +85°C, and storage temperature from -40°C to +100°C.

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