New series of Ai-Thinker Technology modules - PB-03

Ai-Thinker company released new Bluetooth 5.2 modules with MESH technology capability. MESH technology is a expand of Bluetooth Low Energy technology, it allows to connect a large number of devices together, to communicate between them bypassing the main link in a many-to-many scheme. In practice, the message travels between nearby nodes, as a result reaching distant devices. In Bluetooth MESH, security is also guaranteed due to encryption and authentication mechanisms. These networks allow the creation of very large networks consisting of up to 32,000 nodes.

The modules include:

  • 64 KB SRAM,
  • 256 KB flash memory,
  • 96 KB ROM,
  • 256 Bit efuse,
  • Support for UART/GPIO/ADC/PWM/I2C/SPI/PDM/DMA interfaces,
  • Support for sleep modes, with less than 1uA consumption,
  • Small external size,
  • PCB antenna on the module.

The parameters of each version can be seen in the schematic:

We invite you to learn more about Ai-Thinker’s offerings here.

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