New XLR Supercap Module

Eaton Corporation is global leader in providing high-tech components and systems management in the energy industry. With high quality products and over a century of experience, Eaton has gained the trust of the well-known brands around the world.

Eaton recently introduced the latest series Supercapacitors XLR , which can replace batteries in 48 V systems, using the industry of transport (buses, trucks, trains, ships ), robotics, mining, AGV, Production Machinery maintenance-free, cranes etc.


  • High reliability even in rugged environments – IP65
  • Operating life- up to 20 years
  • Maintenance free, that translates to significant cost savings
  • No heavy metals or non-hazardous energy storage materials – RoHS compliant
  • Ultra Low ESR 5mOhm
  • High power of 118kW and performance
  • Capacity 166F
  • Voltage 48,6V
  • Replaces standard batteries

Data sheet is available here .
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