LEDs dedicated to passenger information signs

Maritex encourages to get acquainted with two models of LED diodes from manufacturer Ligitek, dedicated to use in passenger information boards with variable content: LEDP2-3528-C70D120-BF-L (cold white) and LEDP6-3528-RGB120-BF-L (RGB).

Variable message signs are becoming increasingly popular. They are used mainly in dynamically transmit messages to drivers on highways and expressways, but also to inform passengers about the number or direction of public transport vehicles. LEDs, of which they are built, must be characterized by high brightness and, above all, reliability. Recall that Maritex also offers other electronic components that can be used in passenger information signs, such as Macroblock LED drivers, printed circuit boards, or LED secoundary optics.

The table below presents a comparison of parameters of both presented LED:

LEDP2-3528-C70D120-BF-L LEDP6-3528-RGB120-BF-L
Manufacturer’s part number LWK9553-SB-A01 LRGB9553-6-SB-NE
Color Cool white RGB
Case color Black Black
CCT/dominant wavelenght 5500-7300K R: typ. 465 nm;
G: typ. 520 nm;
B: typ. 622 nm
Flux 2300-2600mcd/20mA R: 500-700 mCd/20 mA;
G: 1000-1300 mCd/20 mA;
B: 200-320 mCd/20 mA
Maximum current 30 mA R: 50 mA
G: 30 mA
B: 30 mA
Voltage 2.8 V – 3.2 V R: 1.7 V – 2.6 V
G: 2.8 V – 3.6 V
B: 2.7 V – 3.5 V
Working temperature -40°C ÷ 85°C -40°C ÷ 85°C
Operating temperature -40°C ÷ 100°C -40°C ÷ 100°C
Viewing angle 120° 120°
Dimension 3.5 mm x 2.8 mm x 1.85 mm 3.5 mm x 2.8 mm x 1.4 mm

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