Transparent OLED displays

The Transparent OLED Display product line allows to create true see-thru installations with this virtually frameless display solution. Its innovative OLED technology eliminates the requirement of a backlight offering strong vivid colours and ultra-wide viewing angle, but also an impressive transparency of 38%! Dark image contents appear transparent and bright image contents opaque to potentially mask products behind the display.

The range has been specially developed for the professional AV market and has been upgraded from previous versions of the Translucent OLEDs available and is suitable for Retail, museum, exhibition / trade shows, corporate headquarters as well as interactive applications and environments. Display can be easily installed in walls or tables, used as a stand-alone solution or as a transparent video wall and even made touch interactive thanks to the various product versions and the associated flexibility.

For every kind of installation there is the optimum configuration available with a wide range of accessories.

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