SAMWHA ELECTRIC, longest lifetime snap-in series

After years of joint development with aluminum foil supplier, Samwha has managed to develop longest lifetime snap-in series in JZ. Doubled in lifetime compared to last year’s long life snap-in JY, the series offers 20000 hours of lifetime. Offered in 400V and 450V this series will become main snap-in series of Samwha in coming years.

Since the development of 10000 hours JY series in 2015, longer life series of large type aluminum electrolytic capacitor has been consistently requested by our customers worldwide. JY series was joint-developed with home appliance customer in Asia but JZ series can be applied in wider and higher range of applications such as welding machines, automation, inverters or transportation and, according to Samwha’s R&D this series could be the game-changer for customers and their final products.

Offered from low capacitance of 68㎌ to 330㎌, Samwha Electric’s R&D will focus to develop 500V and larger capacitance up to 470㎌ by 2023.

Key Features:

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