NevadaNano - MPS Extended Range Low Power Methane Sensor

Maritex adds to offer new NevadaNano’s MPS Extended Range Low Power Methane Gas Sensor . It is designed and optimized for open-air detection of methane and natural gas plumes over a full range of concentrations, from 50 to 1,000,000 ppm. In field testing, the sensor has detected methane emitted at a rate of 2 standard cubic feet per hour (SCFH) at distances up to 10 meters with nominal false positive readings over weeks of outdoor operation.

The smart sensor is intrinsically safe, robust, and extremely poison-resistant. It has built-in environmental compensation and performs constant self-testing for fail-safe operation. Sensor readings are output on a standard digital bus— no added electronics are required. With no field calibration required, the MPS Extended Range Low Power Methane Gas Sensor delivers industry-leading performance and a low cost of ownership.

MPS Extended Range Methane Gas Sensor Features:

  • Built-in environmental compensation
  • Inherently poison-resistant
  • No calibration required
  • Supports 15+ year lifetimes
  • Low power — 29 mW typical
  • Intrinsically safe (IS) certified

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