IR LED transmitting diodes in Maritex offer

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of Honglitronic’s infrared transmitting diodes.

Infrared (IR) LEDs are special semiconductor LEDs that emit light with a wavelength longer than visible red light. These diodes generate infrared radiation, which is beyond the range visible to the human eye (from 700 nm to 1000 nm). Infrared LEDs have many uses. They are used in wireless communication devices such as TV remotes, wireless keyboards and remote controls. They are also used in optical devices, such as sensors, indication LEDs (e.g. in computer mice), in security systems (e.g. surveillance cameras) and in medicine for infrared light therapy.

No. 1 2 3 4
Part number HL-PETA-3010IR3C-L3 HL-PC-3216IR1C-L4 HL-PST-1608IR1C-L4 HL-A-3528IR3C-L3-S1-13HL
Maritex Part number LED0603-IRW120-H LED1206-IR140-H LEDRA3010-IR120-H LED3528-IR120-H
Package 0603 1206 Kątowa 3010 3528
Peak Wavelenght 940nm 940nm 940nm 940nm
Operating Voltage (min.) 0.8V 0.8V 0.8V 0.5V ~ 1.6V
Reverse Current 10uA 10 uA 10uA 10µA
Spectrum width of Half value 45nm 50nm 50nm 50nm
Power Dissipation 50mW 75mW 100mW 100mW
Peak Forward Current 30mA 30mA 50mA -
Reverse Voltage 5V 5V - 5V
Operating/Storage Temperature -40C° ~ 85C° -40C° ~ 85C° -40C° ~ 85C° -
Storage Temperature -40C° ~ 100C° -40C° ~ 100C° -40C° ~ 100C° -40C° ~ 100C°
Viewing Angle 120° 130° 120° 120°

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