Announcement of TGS26xx Marking Method Change

Dear FIGARO Gas sensors customers, dedicated to improving the quality and sustainability of the sensor marking methods, Figaro has decided to replace current ink-stamped marking equipment with new laser-etching marking equipment for TGS26xx series.

Laser-etching marking technology has been used for the TGS5xxx series for years. And by introducing laser-etching marking, it is expected to have improvement in fixed marking position, visibility without rotation, reduced risk of ink removal, and environmental sustainability by reducing usage of chemical materials.

Marking contents (Model / Lot No. / Rank / UL Recognized Component Mark) will remain unchanged.

Below a graphical presentation of old and new style of sensor markings. Pictures show model TGS2610, but the change will affect all TGS26xx series sensors.

Additionally, FIGARO wants to announce that due to the complex supply chain challenges of the past few years, FIGARO has decided to partially shift production of TGS5042 from China to Japan.

While the materials and sensor characteristics will remain the same, the UL Recognized Component Mark will be etched in a different position on the insulation tube.

The packing quantity will not be changed. Sensors with different Countries of Origin shouldn’t be mixed on a tray.

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