SLB baterie’s series from Nichicon

The ‘SLB’ series or ‘Small Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries’ is a series of lithium-ion batteries, which are suitable for IoT (Internet of Thing) and smart wearable electronics applications. They have lithium titanate (LTO) in them so they become negative electrodes and provide:

  • Long life of more than 25,000 charge and discharge cycles;
  • High-density in output/input channel, similar to double-layer electrical capacitors;
  • Capable of charging at low rate using energy harvesting
  • Characteristics enabling to operate at temperatures below -30℃;
  • Extremely low possibility of explosion or ignition, even when used in harsh environments.

Such bateries achieve both high power density and high energy density, which have been developed based on Toshiba Corporation’s SCiB™ technology.

Most commonly, such bateries are used in IoT devices; wearables devices; electronic cigarettes; wireless Earbuds; Backup Power Supply, toys, styluses.

The efficiency of the SLB Series has been proven:

  • in the production of Samsung’s Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ S Pens, Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra styluses;
  • in Nisshinbo Micro Devices’ photovoltaic panels;
  • in sensors for smart home technology, smart factories, smart agriculture, disaster detection, fixed point observation, condition monitoring
  • in energy storage technologies and devices.

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