SiC MOSFET and SBD diodes from POTENS

Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology has opened a new era of performance, durability and efficiency in high voltage applications. SiC solutions are becoming the first choice for numerous voltage transformation and power conversion applications. SiC mosfets, thanks to their high conversion efficiency, resistance to high temperatures and small size, are gaining popularity in the power industry, electromobility, railway traction and other industries.

POTENS Semiconductor is a leading manufacturer of silicon mosfets, currently offers a new series of 650V and 1200V SiC mosfets in TO247 (3 and 4 pin) and TOLL (TOLeadLess) packages.

PDX017C065Z TO247-3 650V 17mΩ
PDX030C065Z TO247-3 650V 30mΩ
PDX050C065Z TO247-3 650V 50mΩ
PDX018C120Z TO247-3 1200V 18.5mΩ
PDX030C120Z TO247-3 1200V 30mΩ
PDX040C120Z TO247-3 1200V 40mΩ
PDX080C120Z TO247-3 1200V 80mΩ
PDX150C120Z TO247-3 1200V 150mΩ
PDT080C120Z TOLL 1200V 80mΩ
PDX018C120Z-F TO247-4 1200V 18.5mΩ
PDX030C120Z-F TO247-4 1200V 30mΩ
PDX040C120Z-F TO247-4 1200V 40mΩ
PDX080C120Z-F TO247-4 1200V 80mΩ

SiC SBD (Silicon Carbide Schottky Barrier Diode) from POTENS are available in five packages. Currently, voltage ranges from 650 to 1700V and power from 4A to 40A. Products in table below described in blue are under development.

For quotation and technical support please contact or +48 58 662 05 60.

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