NICHICON Launches the PCW Series of Chip-Type Type Conductive Polymer Capacitors

NICHICON CORPORATION has launched the PCW Series of conductive polymer aluminum solid electrolytic capacitors with a guaranteed ripple current at high temperatures. This makes the PCW capacitors ideal for use in automotive and telecommunications sectors. The PCW Series is the industry’s first lineup which offers a guaranteed ripple current.

Overview and Development Background
Many automotive circuits are using low voltage PMIC or CPU/GPU control circuits. These circuits have increased the demand for high temperature and high reliability capacitors. To satisfy this demand, the PCW Series is rated for 2,000 hours at a maximum temperature 125° with rated ripple current applied. The PCW Series has optimized the sealing rubber with a high heat-resistant material to improve the reliability.

Aluminum solid electrolytic capacitors that utilize conductive polymers as electrolytes are characterized by both superior ESR in the high-frequency ranges and excellent ripple current durability. Nichicon PCW Series uses highly heat-resistant sealing rubber to maintain stability even at high temperatures while achieving low ESR and reduced self-heating by using a superior lead wire and other optimized materials.

Comparison with Current Products

PCW Series (Developed product) PCJ Series (Current product)
Life (guaranteed) 2000 hours at 125℃ with rated ripple current applied 2000 hours at 105℃ with rated DC voltage
Rating 6.3V-220μF 6.3V-220μF
Case Size (mm) φ6.3×6L φ6.3×6L
ESR (at 20℃/100 kHz) 16 mΩ 15 mΩ
Ripple Current (at 100kHz) 1800 mArms (at 125℃) 3200 mArms (at 105℃)

*Capacitance: 120Hz at 20°

Main Specifications

  • Rated voltage range:2.5 to 6.3 V
  • Rated capacitance range:150 to 390 μF
  • Category temperature range:-55 to 125℃
  • Product dimensions:φ5×6L to φ6.3×6L (mm)(2 Sizes)
  • Life: 2,000 hours guaranteed at 125℃
  • Terminal shape:Chip type
  • AEC-Q200 qualified
  • Available in mass production

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