Caddock Power Film Resistors in Maritex Offer

In cooperation with Caddock, a manufacturer of high performance film resistors, Maritex would like to present new power film resistors in it’s range of products.

With power ratings to 22 Watts and voltage ratings as high as 6,000 volts in an axial-lead resistor with values to 30 Megohms, the Type MS Power Film Resistors deliver the performance capabilities that can simplify circuit design and reduce equipment cost and complexity. It opens new design possibilities by providing a wider resistance range, precise temperature characteristics, and higher temperature and power handling capability.

Type MS Power Film Resistors provide features like:

  • Full power and voltage ratings, without derating:
    • for non-inductive performance.
    • for high resistance values that extend the critical resistance value up to 10 times.
  • Higher voltage ratings without the limitations of minimum wire size and spacing.
  • Excellent long-term stability (typical stability of 0.05% per 1,000 hours over extended life).

Type MS performance begins with Caddock’s Micronox® complex metal oxide resistance films. They are fired directly onto a ceramic core at temperatures above 1400°F (760°C).


  • Resistance Tolerance: ±1% (tolerances to 0.1% on special order).
  • Temperature Coefficient: 50 ppm/°C. TC referenced to +25°C, ΔR taken at -15°C and +105°C.
  • Insulation Resistance: 10,000 Megohms, min.
  • Overload/Overvoltage: 5 times rated power with applied voltage not to exceed 1.5 times maximum continuous operating voltage for 5 seconds.
  • Load Life: 1,000 hours at rated power at +25°C or +125°C, not to exceed rated voltage, ΔR 0.5% max. or 0.5 ohm max., whichever is greater.
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: +275°C.

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