Innodisk's EDSFF cards in Maritex offer

We want to announce, that in Maritex offer now you can find new EDSFF cards in E1.S form factor, manufactured by Innodisk.

EDSFF cards (Enterprise and Datacenter Standard Form Factor) are response for growing datacenters and servers demand on obtaining higher data density on one data carrier. Comparing to their predecessors (i.e. M.2 cards or U.2 discs) they offer improved scalability, higher capacity, excellent transfer performance and better thermal efficiency.

Cards in E1.S format are using NVMe 1.4 interface and they are equipped with 5.9mm, 9.5mm and 15mm height heatsinks. Small card dimensions makes it possible to install more data carriers within one server or workstation housing, what increases the final storage capacity of the device.

Datasheet: PDF E1.S 4TG2-P

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