THEIA - The goddess of light

THEIA provides modern outdoor lighting with low pole heights using new low glare LED.

It balances perfectly aesthetics with functionality and shows its potential, especially in urban environments since it’s an outdoor luminaire.

What is the difference when the lights are on or off? Are the targets met, considering its light quality and efficiency, and with what results and cost? How reliable, futuristic, and environmentally friendly is the luminaire?

LEDiL’s THEIA looks great – either on or off. The outside of the luminaire offers a soothing, persistent light, that pleases the eye and satisfies the most demanding of model specifications. Perfect design not only captures its optical side, but also allows multiple lenses to be linked together, displaying its practicality.

Despite its visual aspects, THEIA is a goddess among optics, with superior light control, extreme efficiency, and excellent performance, fitting up to 32 LEDs under a single module.

Regardless of the whole lens surface being covered in optical elements, LEDIL still found room to integrate a silicone seal for ingress protection. THEIA is protected from dust, dirt and water which allows it to thrive outdoors without worrying about it being damaged.

It is compatible with IP-2X6 and IP-24 lens families because of the shared outer dimensions, which makes the integration with existing and future luminaire designs easier than ever.

Versatility in applications

THEIA is designed to illuminate the urban environments with its special features. It ensures that the luminaries are well-lit, while delivering pleasant visual experience and inviting atmosphere from streets and pathways, to different outdoor areas and parks.

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