NTN-5K Series: 5KW Off-Grid Industrial Grade 2-in-1 Charging Inverter

This series is an all-in-one unit that integrates AC-DC charging, DC-AC inversion, and AC bypass. It also supports external solar panels and MPPT chargers.

The main features include five key highlights:

  • Built-in high-power 4520W AC-DC charger with fast charging capability
  • Adopts a modular design with 5KW single machine module, allowing flexible parallel connection of AC outputs up to 30KW (1+5 units), with highly flexible wattage expansion
  • The chassis is designed in a 2U high cabinet style for easy installation and quick assembly when mounted in a standard 19” rack
  • Uses 3 NTN-5K single-phase AC outputs, which can be combined for 3Ø4W AC output use
  • Provides a comprehensive monitoring platform CMU2E, CM2E-R

Multi-functional All-in-One device (AC-DC Charger + DC-AC Inverter for Load + AC Bypass for Load)

Built-in AC-DC high power charger up to 4520W

DC-AC pure sine wave output (THD<3%)

Instantaneous peak power of up to 10KW for AC output

Up to 6 units of AC output can be paralleled, expanding wattage up to 30KW (5+1 units)

Utilizes 3 NTN-5K unidirectional AC outputs, configurable for 3Ø4W usage

-30~+70℃ ultra-wide temperature range, suitable for global deployment or installation in enclosed environments

Built-in remote ON/OFF control


  • DC input: Reverse Polarity, Low Voltage Warning and Shutdown, Over Voltage, Battery Over Discharge
  • AC output: Short Circuit, Overload, Over Temperature
  • Built-in Modbus or CAN bus communication monitoring

Optional intelligent controllers available for purchase:
CMU2E (Stand-Alone Vertical Mounting / Rail Mounting) or CMU2E-R (Rack System Installation)

Dimensions (length x width x height): 460 × 211 × 83.5mm

PCB coating for basic moisture / dust / dirt protection

Certifications: CB / TUV / RCM / EAC / CE / UKCA / FCC

Compatible with lead acid or lithium batteries

5 years warranty


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