NICHICON Launches the LGC Series of Miniature Electrolytic Capacitors

NICHICON CORPORATION has launched the LGC series, the industry’s smallest snap-in aluminium electrolytic capacitors with long life (guaranteed for 5,000 hours at 105°C) to meet the demand—mainly from the environmental and renewable energy fields.

In recent years, there has been a strong demand for more compact server power supplies and switching power supplies. As circuits are integrated, the space inside of power supplies is decreasing resulting in their internal temperatures increasing. This means the large aluminium electrolytic capacitors used in smoothing circuits to be more compact and have a long life.

The series is the industry’s smallest, having been reduced in volume by up to 33% from the current LGX series.

[Product Size Comparison] Product Rating Current Product LGX series Development Product LGC series Volume Ratio
500V / 100µF φ22×40L φ22×30L -25%
500V / 220µF φ30×45L φ30×30L -33%
500V / 390µF φ35×50L φ35×40L -20%

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