Samhwa Battery Capacitors - CB series

We encourage you to check new Maritex’s assortment. Our offer is getting wider by introducing Battery Capacitors made by Samwha.

Samwha Capacitor Group is realizing its another vision which is to go beyound the leading global company and develop as the value-creating company for the humankind and natural environment. In order to meet consumer demand for both high energy and power density with greater efficiency and functionality, Samwha has been focusing on the R&D of battery capacitors.

A battery-capacitor (CB series) is one of the most advanced energy storage devices and is representative of the energy storage technology based on a lithium ion battery and super capacitor hybrid system. It utilizes the negative LTO electrode and the positive Lithium transition metal oxide electrode employing Li+ intercalation-deintercalation process.

A perfect combination of Lithium ion battery and supercapacitor technology by Samwha is possible to simultaneously achieve, high power density ( >1,7kW/kg), high energy density ( >65Wh/L), long cycle0life and safety.

You can get more information about the product on the manufacturer’s webiste

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