Samhwa hybrid Capacitors

We encourage you to check new Maritex’s assortment. Our offer is getting wider by introducing Hybrid Capacitors made by Samwha.

During the last 60 years, Samwha Capacitor Group has been faithfully performing its role as the “Seed Company” for the development of Korea electronics industry and has become a global leading company by establishing on-site production and sales subsidiaries in eleven sites in eight nations all over the world.

Samwha Capacitor Group is realizing its another vision which is to go beyound the leading global company and develop as the value-creating company for the humankind and natural environment.

The hybrid-capacitor which is fabricated by Li4Ti5O12 as an anode material has a higher energy density than an electrical double layer capacitor(EDLC). The hybrid-capacitor means a capacitor using different materials with different operating potentials as cathode(Activated carbon) and anode(Li4Ti5O12), which can increase the overall cell potential, resulting in higher energy and power densities.

You can get more information about the product on the manufacturer’s webiste

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