Two Hours for Family / Two Hours for the Man

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Maritex is not only electronic products, but most of all our employees, thanks to whom we can constantly develop. Meeting their expectations, thanking them for wanting to develop with us, this year we started our participation in the “Two Hours for Family / Two Hours for the Man” campaign.

The aim of the action is to build bonds and strengthen family relationships, for which we have less and less time. We allowed our employees to finish one working day two hours earlier to give them a chance to effectively spend time with their loved ones.

The “Two Hours for Family” campaign, carried out by employers around the world, aims to integrate work and private life by building strong and deep relationships with family and friends that, according to research, are a prerequisite for employee happiness, development and well-being.

Our employees join this attractive initiative and plan to spend their free time doing sports together with their loved ones, in line with the leitmotif of this year’s “Generationally in sports” campaign.

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