UV-B PB2D-UCLA-KB LED in Maritex offer

Maritex introduces the first in its offer UV-B light-emitting diode
from the manufacturer Prolight OptoPB2D-UCLA-KB.


The term UV-B refers to the wavelength range of light from approximately 280 nm to 315 nm. It is a sub-spectrum of ultraviolet light, which due to its medical functions is also called the biological spectrum. The biggest advantage of UV-B light is to stimulating human skin to convert cholesterol into vitamin D3. This light is used to treat diseases such as psoriasis, lichen planus, dermatitis and vitiligo. The excess of UV-B light can be dangerous to human – also causing cancer changes.

LED-PB2D-UCLA-KB is combined in popular package of 3.45 × 3.45mm, which guarantees the compatibility of soldering pads with CREE XP and XT LEDs series. Averaged value of the emitted UV-B light wavelength is typical 309 nm. The nominal value of operating current of LED-PB2D-UCLA-KB equals 20 mA at which it generates the typical 3.3 mW. The maximum value of the current that this LED can be powered is 30 mA. The LED has a light distribution angle of 130 degrees.

LED-PB2D-UCLA-KB is now available from Maritex inventory. We encourage you to test it.

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