Wayon’s new product - self designed and launched

Wayon’s eFuse is an active circuit protection device with integrated FETs for limiting current and voltage to safe levels under fault conditions. This device has an integrated port which comes with 4 very useful protection types, starting with battery overvoltage, going on with overheat protection, next overcurrent and finishing with general overvoltage protection. When any of the given accidents occur the general role of the protection is to cut the connection between the power supply and the internal system to maintain the safety of the system.

In addition the eFuse has a great trait which is easy application and limitation of the occupied are on PCB which results in reduced time of designing and developing.

Comparing the latest Wayon’s product WP1111 to other similar products from different manufactures we can surely notice that it has some very promising advantages. In the given below table the comparison is presented:

One of best eFuse traits is that it can be programmed and tailored to specific needs. Most eFuses allow users to set the current limit and start-up time. The undervoltage lockout and output clamp levels as well as the device’s operating mode (latch-off or auto-retry mode) can also be configured on certain products.


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