Webinar Industry 4.0 - IoTize TapNPass Modbus-to-WIFI wireless solution

Interconnection, big data, artificial intelligence… the “cyber” industrial revolution is gaining momentum. This holds great promise for the companies that can break away from legacy processes. Many companies hesitate, locked into processes based on clipboards, work orders, and spreadsheets. Few have the resources to reinvent production, maintenance and supply processes from the ground up. So, where does one start?

Providing technicians easy access to data in the equipment that they maintain, improves the efficiency of on-site servicing. Wireless and mobile HMI apps are the immediate solution for better data access, comprehension, and communication. TapNPass provides wireless for inter-connecting mobiles and machines today. It is robust, secure, and can retrofit any system. There is no better way to begin the digital transformation than by empowering technicians and preparing them for their digital future.

Together with Iotize, we would like to invite you to webinar Industry 4.0 where we will share more technical look on TapNPass products and quick HMI app generation. We encourage you to register using link:

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