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  • PCB - Printed Circuit Boards

    Maritex offers its customers production of printed circuit boards (PCBs) designed under the specified requirements. It is possible to order the FR-4 laminates as also so-called MCPCB (Metal Core Printed Circuit Board) based on aluminum (alloys available with different thermal conductivities) or copper, which is often used as substrates for high power LEDs. Maritex offers single and multi-layered laminates of varied thickness and colors.

    In order of quotation, it is necessary to provide production files (gerber) and term parameters listed below:

    - laminate type (CEM1; CEM3; FR4; Aluminium; Cooper; Flex PCB),
    - thickness,
    - layers amount (1-30),
    - copper layer thickness (0,25-15 OZ),
    - vaneer (for example HASL, gilt),
    - desciption layer and soldermask colors.

    Inquiries, technical support:

    email: j.cieslewicz@maritex.com.pl
    phone: +48 58 781 33 70
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    Manufacturer Product Code: WYCENA_PROJEKTU

    W celu wyceny własnego projektu PCB prosimy o kontakt pod nr telefonu: 58 781 33 76, lub adresem email: pcb@maritex.com.pl

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